Artflies. Classic Salmonflies
tied without a vise
Torbjorn Lofstrom
710 41 Fellingsbro
Mobil +46 706930089
I use no illegally materials in my fly dressing, the real material that i use. I have make sure that they are legal and require that i obtain the certificate that shall exist and that they come with the delivery.
Because there is so much variance in the cost of each fly to produce, fixed pricing is not practical. Each pattern is different. Hook size and eye type, pattern complexity and rarity of feathers all contribute to the final cost.

As a general guideline, a fly dressed with good substitute materials (for rare or extinct birds) will cost approx $150 for a size 3/0, tied with on steel-eyed hook.

With the above guidelines, it is best to contact me directly for a price quote. What’s important is to get the pattern you want, at a fair price.

For all orders outside Sweden, payment in full must be made in advance.

Artflies. Classic Salmonflies tied without a vise • •